Monday, December 12, 2011

A weekend with Mimi

On Saturday I was having a great time with Monty. He was very nice in the weekend. We played lots of gamse on the computer like Pixie Hollow.
Next it was lunch time so we ate rice and sausages but Monty thinks that was abit yukky but he tried and he liked.
He really liked the sausages so he ate all the sausages that there is none for us. My sister and my dad went to Carrefour and bought a present for me! On Sunday Monty and I ate smartie ice creams because it was very hot! At lunch time we ate bean soup and rice. Me,Monty and my mum went outside to ride our scooter Monty went in my sister's basket.


  1. I am very happy to see tha some of my best friends (Jesse, Ryan, Irene and Mimi)got Monty for a weekend. My biggest wish for this hollidays is to spend them with Monty, specialy Christmas. I hope my wish can be true!
    XOXO, Cristina.

  2. I wonder what Monty really likes to eat best? Is it worms?

    And yes, like Cristina, I'd really like Monty to come and stay at my house. He's a popular mole!