Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Holidays Continue...

Hello Year 2
I hope your holiday is going well. I'm still with Miss Ash in Toulouse and I'm enjoying the sunny weather in the daytime, but it's a bit frosty for my night-time digging! Some people think that moles hibernate (have a long sleep) in the winter but it's not true so I'm as busy as usual.

I visited the Christmas market in Toulouse last week and was fascinated by all the delicious smells. Miss Ash took Finn, my cousin, and me on the merry-go-round in Place Wilson. We loved it! I rode on a horse that went up and down and Finn sat on a chair that spun around.
Yesterday we all went for a big long walk along the river Garonne. It was very muddy but sunny and quiet. We did see some other people though; some mud-coated cyclists, a girl riding a horse (a real one not a merry-go-round one) and two big boys playing on a quad bike.  When we got home we watched ‘The Borrowers’ and played a board game called Blockus. Have you been playing any board games?
Finn goes home tomorrow and I’ll really miss him.  Molly and Edna left yesterday. During her stay I asked Edna about traditional clothes from Japan and she showed me this picture.
It is called a kimono. Kimonos used to be worn by men, women and children but now they are mainly worn by women on special occasions. Would you like to wear a kimono?
I hope you have been having a good time with your family.


  1. Dear Miss Ash,
    First of all I went to the Pyrenees and I saw father Christmas in the hotel. He gave me some presents before dinner. I gave him an enormous hug. Next day I went to Spain, and I saw my cousins and I play in the park with spider webs. Every days I wrote a book of a bad wizard. I have finished my book this week and I will show it to you.

    Best regards, Gustavo

  2. Dear Gustavo,
    Thanks for your super comment. I would love to visit the Pyrenees and I keep pestering Miss Ash to take me :-) Maybe one day...
    I am so impressed that you have been writing a book! Please remember to bring it in to show me, I can't wait. Are there pictures and words in your book?
    Enjoy your New Year celebrations. We are getting ready for a party!!
    Kind regards,

  3. Dear Monty,
    I went to the snow with Gustavo, and he didn't want to build a snowman. Then I built it with my Dad. The snowman had four big balls of snow, and he had a really funny nose made of a stone.
    I went to Spain and I saw my cousins. I played with them every days. I slept with my cousin Luisa and that was really funny because I could talk with her all the time.

    Best regards, Miguel

  4. What a lovely comment, Miguel. It's nice to hear about your holidays and especially about how you built your snowman. I hope you took some pictures!
    See you soon,

  5. Hi Monty
    I hope you are having a great time. I had a great Christmas but since then we have been busy packing because today we move to a hotel. I am excited that I am going on some big planes soon but I will miss you.

    From Rhys P

  6. Hello Monty,
    I have been busy this week. I got 11 presents: star wars and ninjago legos, a magic set with a dvd, some Tintin cards and some more. I played lots with my friends Thomas and Louise who visited from England. Love from Jacques XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  7. What are you going to put tomorrow morning?Monty love from maria

  8. Hi Monty!
    I'm glad you have great vacations! I´d miss you and I'm happy to return to school and see my friends, mrs Ash and you!
    Maybe you need a sweater, I don´t want you to catch a cold!
    love you! Irene