Monday, January 30, 2012

Monty’s weekend at Maria’s place

On Friday, Monty came to my house, and he was very hungry. 

So, Maria and Monty did a lot of crepes. Monty put butter on the pan. 

We mixed flour and milk in the bowl, with some vanilla sugar, and Monty stirred them very well.

He is a very good cook. When the crepes were ready, Monty put chocolate and strawberry marmalade, and he ate a whole crepe himself.

As on Saturday, there was Valentina’s birthday, Monty decided to go to Maxi Toys, and buy some presents to her.  So Maria saw a car and Monty rode it with her.

When we had finished, Monty placed the gifts into the back of the car.

Monty was very tired, and when early to sleep in Manu’s bed. Monty loves to sleep with the little light bear.

On Saturday, Monty felt too tired to go to the Valentina’s birthday party, and stayed at home.

When Maria and Manu arrived from Valentina’s birthday party, he wanted to read all together some books.

On Sunday, we went all together to the swimming pool. 

But, the water was too cold for him; he preferred to stay at the car.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monty and Miguel

Last Friday Monty came to my house and he saw all my family. My mum needed something from the market and Monty and I decided to go with her.  
Monty loves vegetables and he got the best ones and put it in the scale and he put the stickers with the price in the bags. Then he smelted the cheese and he became crazy, “The French cheese is the yummiest one!” He said.

When we went out of the market, there was a motorcycle on the street and Monty wanted to get on it.  
“No Monty, it is really dangerous” I said. So we decided to get in our car. 
When we arrived at home, we cooked the vegetables that we have bought, and we mixed them with pieces of chicken. Monty was hungry and he ate some pieces of my plate. I don’t care because I like to share with him. 

At night I was sleeping and Monty woke me up. He wanted to scare me. He did it, but I forgave him and I invited Monty to sleep with me. We had sweet dreams.

In the morning it was Monty’s birthday. Gustavo and I put all our cuddly toys with Monty. We gave him a present and we sang “Happy birthday”. I’m notsure that it really was Monty’s birthday, but he loved it.

Saturday, we went to a Pirate ship for lunch. A pirate wanted to get Monty on the ship to eat him. But I saved Monty and then I made a lot of pirates friends. They dressed me up as a pirate, and my pet was Monty (all the famous pirates had a pet).

It was an excellent weekend with Monty with a lot of adventures. I really hope Monty comes home again soon.

At Home With Dominic

Monty went into the woods to see his friend, Bob the dragon. Monty and Bob both wanted roasted marshmallows. So Bob breathed fire and they held roasted marshmallows.
After Monty's adventures with Bob, he went to stay the night with me before coming back to school on Monday.
By Dominic

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Monty’s weekend at home with Niamh

Monty came home with me (Niamh) for the weekend, he enjoyed himself very much.
On Friday my Mummy had been shopping and when Mummy was bringing in the shopping Monty jumped into her shopping basket with all of our food.

On Friday night he played with my brother Joshua’s keyboard and we sang songs together with my Mummy and Daddy after this Monty was so tired, so I put him to bed inside Barbie’s house in her bedroom.

On Saturday he had breakfast with us all and Monty enjoyed it so much he ate my Daddy’s croissant. Later that morning I went to a birthday party  in a play barn and Monty enjoyed playing in the ball pool and made some new friends.

On Sunday Monty came with me to Church and whilst I was there he met the Priest from Toulouse and also had a look at the Christmas Nativity Scene with the Three Kings who were visiting Jesus. 

I enjoyed having Monty to stay at my house for the weekend and I can’t wait until he visits again,
lots of love Niamh x

Friday, January 6, 2012

Letters to Monty

Monty was unwell on Wednesday so we wrote letters to him. Click below to hear some of us reading out our work.
Niamh letter to Monty (mp3) Irene (mp3) Mimi (mp3)