Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monty's Christmas Holidays

Hi boys and girls. Monty here! Are you having a good time on your holidays so far? I've been really busy getting things ready for my family who arrive this week.
My sister, Molly, arrives on Wednesday from Manchester in England and my aunty, Edna, flies over from Tokyo in Japan, later on today.
On Saturday I made the marzipan for my Christmas cake. There was some left over so I made some sweets, shaped like apples.
On Sunday I went Christmas shopping in Toulouse. I loved seeing all the twinkling Christmas lights but I had to do lots of ducking and diving between the legs of all the busy shoppers. Only one more present left to buy now and that's for my cousin, Finn. He loves sports. Can anyone help me think of some good present ideas for Finn?
Here are some pictures of me with the cake and sweets.


  1. Wow Monty! I bet you are having a lot of fun!! :) I'm quite sure you particularly had fun making and and eating the marzipan sweets!!! I never knew that you had cousins, are they like you as well?
    Mi Mi

  2. Hi Mimi,
    So nice to hear from you. I am having fun, are you? I bet you're playing lot of games with your sisters. Have you been doing any cooking?
    The marzipan sweets were really tasty but I think I ate too many!! My tummy was feeling a bit funny afterwards. We made all different shapes, such as, broccoli, asparagus, grapes and leeks!!
    When you asked if my relatives (cousin, aunt and sister) are like me, did you mean are they moles? Yes, they are moles but we have quite different personalities. Finn is very sporty and, as you know, I'd rather curl up with a book :-) Edna is quite old so she has lots of stories about life in the past and she's really entertaining. Molly and me are very similar - maybe you'll get to meet her one day.
    Thanks for your lovely comment, Mimi.
    From Monty

  3. That was a great story, Monty, of your Christmas. We Skyped my nanny and grandad, and mamgu and tadci on Christmas Day while we opened their presents. I had lots. love Rhys W

  4. I'm glad you liked reading about my holidays, Rhys. Thanks for your comment, sharing what you've been up to. Skype is good for keeping in touch with family and friends, isn't it? Molly and I use Skype to chat from time to time.
    I'd like to hear more about your presents. Have you got a favourite?
    From Monty

  5. For Finn I think he would like some sport shoes.

  6. Cristina, you are very clever because that's exactly what I bought for him. I decided on football boots and he was really pleased. Did you have some nice presents?
    From Monty

  7. Yes Monty I did get some nice presents from Santa like a writing board, a microphone and a video camara. What did you get from Santa?
    XOXOXOXOXO Cristina