Monday, March 26, 2012

Gustavo has been writing about his weekend with Monty

Gustavo's writing is on a PDF file. Click on the picture below to open it and read about how The Gingerbread Man rescued Monty...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monty visits Ryan's house

I had a very fun weekend with Monty! He was so happy that we had such nice weather so we could play outside, which is something that moles really love to do! He woke up early on Saturday morning and after a breakfast of eggs and toast he wanted to rush outside. Monty tried a tiny sip of Daddy's coffee but didn't like it at all!
Monty enjoyed meeting Arfur the friendly horse. At first, he was a little bit afraid but I told him that Arfur would be his friend, especially if we brought him a carrot or apple as a present.

We played hide and go seek in the backyard and Monty was a very good hider. I think he was so good at it because he can stay so still for so long and he blends in with the trees and bushes with his green and black colours!

We all went out to have a picnic and meet up with some friends at a park. Monty got to meet my friends Alexia, Olivia, Cyrus, Callum, Caitlin, Axl and of course my brother Jesse who he already knew.  Monty sat right on the table so he could hear and see everyone! All my friends wanted to take a turn holding him. Monty felt very loved! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lukman and Monty

Yabedabeduuuuu...Last Friday Monty came back with me to spend the weekend with my family. On the way back Monty asks me.... “Errr  Lukman...can I trouble you something”  
“Yes Monty...tell me what do you want my dear?” I said with smiled. 
“I want to eat fruit Lukman...can you buy me some fruits?” Monty said with soft voice.

“Ne pas problem Monty... let’s go to the Carrefour” Dad.. Could you please take us to the Carrefour? Monty wants to buy some fruits.  
At the Carrefour I ask Monty to have a look on the fruit selection and Monty said he can’t see clearly because it’s too far....

So I brought him nearer to the fruit selection and now Monty can see very clear and he decided to take orange.

Monty grabs one orange to take home with him...