Monday, November 7, 2011

A weekend with Jesse and Ryan

We took Monty to the boulangerie and we got some desserts there. I got a round cake with whipped cream and an orange on top and Ryan got a chocolate eclair and Mommy got a tart.I think Monty would like the chocolate eclair the most!

Monty also drove to the airport with us to pick up Daddy who was coming back from Washington DC. His plane came in late so Monty had to stay up past his bedtime, even though he is a mole and probably doesn't have a bedtime!" :~) 

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  1. Well done Jesse for writing about your weekend with Monty. It sounds like you had a good time with him. I hope you showed him where Washington is on the map because Monty has never travelled outside France.
    Does Monty have a bedtime? Now that's a good question. When do moles normally sleep?
    Miss Ash