Monday, November 14, 2011

A long weekend with Olivia

Dear Y2,
Monty spent the weekend with me (Olivia) and we had a great time together. When we got home from school, Monty met my dog Megan - they got on really well together and I was glad. My mum made pizza for tea but Monty told me that he wanted worms instead, my mum said that Monty would have to have the same food as us
because she doesn't like worms. Monty enjoyed the pizza and he said that mozeralla cheese is yummy! 

We read lots of Paddington Bear books together and Monty wondered if he might get a hat because he liked the way that Paddington kept marmalade sandwiches under his! 

After a good nights sleep we cycled to LĂ©vignac together to buy a baguette. Whilst we were there, we joined in with some school children who were singing the French National Anthem to remember the soildiers who died in the war. 

The next day we took Megan for a walk and it was really windy. After that my mum made us tidy the play room - but we didn't mind because Monty made friends with all of my toys - he can't wait to come again!
Thank you for coming to my house Monty,
with lots of love, from Olivia x

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  1. Hi Olivia, What wonderful writing! I had no idea that Monty liked pizza! I wonder if Monty will get a hat for himself and what kind of food he will hide under it if he does. Will it be worms or pizza? Thank you for looking after Monty so well and for keeping him entertained with such fun activities. I'm sure he'll want to visit again. from Miss Ash