Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monty spends the holidays with Alicia

The first adventure Monty had was in the washing machine. He went round and round for one whole day. He said that he didn’t like it.

He was very, very wet when he came out of the washing machine. He is very excited for Monday and Tuesday because on Monday it is Halloween and on Tuesday because the Samon Ash’s are coming. He is fine here, love from Alicia

When we went to the forest I realised that I had left Monty at home so we took leaves home (as you can see on the picture) and we made our own forest. It was wet that day. In the forest there was a lake. The lake was very low so we could walk in the water and me and Noah threw stones. The forest was good.

Monty is being very good, love from Alicia

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  1. Thanks for looking after Monty so well. I really enjoyed reading about your adventures. Did you bring back any worms from the forest for Monty to eat? Great writing, Alicia.
    Well done,
    Miss Ash