Monday, October 12, 2015

Monty and Edu!

Friday 9-Oct-15: 

 Edu was very happy and excited because Monty was going home and all the family was going to know it! Just arriving home after the school I started to build a “home for Monty”- it was very difficult because the medium size stairs could fall in my head. 

Saturday 10: 
Monty, my brother Marcos and I woke up very early in the morning and we went to the football training with our team, the SG INTER Toulouse. All the ones that had the same t-shirt and shorts than me were in my team in the match of 30 minutes. We were very tired after the training; we re-charged the batteries with a wonderful pasta dish made by dad with mum´s help. We had lunch very very late, it was nearly dinner time!! 

Sunday 11-oct-15: 
I took Monty to the church in Pibrac. It was the first time we weren’t late. The bells were very noisy…bang dang bang dang!! Monty was very excited like me because it was the first time we go together to the church. We passed a lovely time together along the weekend!!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your weekend diary, Edu! Well done. You had a busy time, didn't you? I'm glad Monty helped you get to church on time - mole power! I bet he loved the 'home' you built him and I hope nothing fell on your head during the construction.