Monday, September 21, 2015

Monty and Chloé spend a sunny weekend together

Me and Monty went to the football on Saturday (to see my sister and my brother) and Sunday because I've played my 1st football tournament.
At the football stadium, I met Maxime and Alexandre Perez.
We also went to the supermaket, and Monty drove the trolley.
Monty met the 4 cats from our neighbourhood.

Monty has played the guitar.
I did a bed for Monty.
Monty and me, we picked some flowers, and we  watched Nat Geo Wild and Gulli on the television.
It was a nice week-end !

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  1. A super weekend diary, Chloé! Did you enjoy your first tournament? I wonder what Monty thought about meeting the 4 neighbourhood cats... I bet he is very proud that you let him play the guitar.