Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gwen has Monty for the holidays!

I was really lucky to have Monty come and stay with me for our two weeks off. I made him a special bed in my room to sleep in. We had lots of fun together and went on some lovely trips with my family. We did have to do some boring things aswell - like going shopping to the Intermarche but Monty thought it was quite fun because he got to have a ride in the trolley. I pushed him around!
The first place we went to was the Japanese Garden in Toulouse. I thought it was amazing there and I think Monty liked it too. He really liked watching the big fish called Koy Carp. They were in the lake and we had to stand on a red bridge to watch them.
Last Friday I took Monty to Pibrac park with me and my brothers for a picnic. We met some of our friends from Year 4 and Year 6 there too. It was really good fun and the weather was lovely and sunny too.
Me and Monty also met a very special dog called Archie. Archie was special because he was blind and couldn't see. He was small and white and very fluffy. He had to use his nose to smell and his ears to hear everything around him because he couldn't see anything. This is Archie.

This week we took Monty to Narbonne Plage. The drive there was very long. When we got there we got out of the car and went for a walk. We stopped to have some lunch on the seafront. After we had finished our food, we went to play on the sand. It was very deep. We also went for a paddle in the sea. 

We wrote Monty's name in the sand with a stick but before we could take a picture the sea came in and washed it away! I went looking for shells and I found a massive one! After we had been paddling for a bit we had to dry our feet and get back in the car. Mum and Dad said we were going to visit somewhere else.
I played on my DS in the car. After a little bit we got to Carcassonne. When we got there I was amazed because it was a big castle. It was very beautiful and old. We had to walk up a really big hill to get there. I was really tired when I got there. 
Monty was not tired because I carried him all the way up. 

Inside were lots of alleyways with very very old shops.  We bought some sweets from a sweet shop and Monty shared mine. We walked around. We were very high up and could see all the hills and houses in the distance. The cars looked very small. We were all very tired so we got in the car to come home.

I hope Monty enjoyed staying with me and had lots of fun. I will miss having him here.
Gwen x

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