Saturday, November 15, 2014

Estela Writes About Her Weekend With Monty

Dear everyone in the world,

Monty and I had a great weekend plus two extra days off. On Friday Cristina and Javier came to my house. Cristina, Monty and I played mums and dads. Cristina was the little sister, Monty was the little brother and I was the big sister. We had no mum or dad and it was great fun. 

 Then on Saturday my mum, my brother Héctor, Monty and I went to the Colomiers library to borrow some books.  One of them was 'Un drôle d´ange gardien' and I really liked it. After a while we went to a restaurant called Tommy´s Diner Cafe. There we ate a hotdog and the hotdog was in a toy car really funny. Monty drove the car!
The following day we stayed at home because it was rainy. My dad, Héctor, Monty and me made an orange and yoghurt cake.  The cake was delicious!
On Monday, my mum Monty and I went to the cinema and we saw La legénde de Manolo. The film was great, but Monty didn´t understand it because it was in French. 
Unfortunately on Tuesday afternoon I was really sick so I had to sleep. 
It was a great weekend. I will miss you a lot Monty!


  1. Sounds like you all had fun !!!!!! from Daniel's mum, Toby's mum and Maddie's mum

  2. Super cute !
    from Tilly's mum