Monday, January 30, 2012

Monty’s weekend at Maria’s place

On Friday, Monty came to my house, and he was very hungry. 

So, Maria and Monty did a lot of crepes. Monty put butter on the pan. 

We mixed flour and milk in the bowl, with some vanilla sugar, and Monty stirred them very well.

He is a very good cook. When the crepes were ready, Monty put chocolate and strawberry marmalade, and he ate a whole crepe himself.

As on Saturday, there was Valentina’s birthday, Monty decided to go to Maxi Toys, and buy some presents to her.  So Maria saw a car and Monty rode it with her.

When we had finished, Monty placed the gifts into the back of the car.

Monty was very tired, and when early to sleep in Manu’s bed. Monty loves to sleep with the little light bear.

On Saturday, Monty felt too tired to go to the Valentina’s birthday party, and stayed at home.

When Maria and Manu arrived from Valentina’s birthday party, he wanted to read all together some books.

On Sunday, we went all together to the swimming pool. 

But, the water was too cold for him; he preferred to stay at the car.


  1. I loved Maria's writting. It was impresing.

  2. Are you sure he swam in your pool? I think it was exciting for Monty!
    You did a great writing.