Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Monty’s weekend at home with Niamh

Monty came home with me (Niamh) for the weekend, he enjoyed himself very much.
On Friday my Mummy had been shopping and when Mummy was bringing in the shopping Monty jumped into her shopping basket with all of our food.

On Friday night he played with my brother Joshua’s keyboard and we sang songs together with my Mummy and Daddy after this Monty was so tired, so I put him to bed inside Barbie’s house in her bedroom.

On Saturday he had breakfast with us all and Monty enjoyed it so much he ate my Daddy’s croissant. Later that morning I went to a birthday party  in a play barn and Monty enjoyed playing in the ball pool and made some new friends.

On Sunday Monty came with me to Church and whilst I was there he met the Priest from Toulouse and also had a look at the Christmas Nativity Scene with the Three Kings who were visiting Jesus. 

I enjoyed having Monty to stay at my house for the weekend and I can’t wait until he visits again,
lots of love Niamh x


  1. WOW, Niamh. I loved reading about all Monty's adventures during your busy weekend. What a lucky mole he is.
    I am impressed by your writing. It is a good recount and you did a super job of ordering the events so we know which event happened on which day.
    Miss Ash

  2. I really enjoyed reading about all the adventures you had with Monty. In my class students take home Horton the elephant for a week and fill in their adnvtures in his writing journal. from Miss Dickson at Holy family primary school

  3. Well done Niamh - what a fabulous time you had with Monty and you described it so clearly in your post.
    Woodpecker class has a bear called Barnaby. Perhaps if I show them your blog post our class might like to start writing about his adventures on our blog too.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Niamh i liked how you standed near the portal.You know niamh ive been in that churh.