Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Monty spent a weekend with Justus

Diary……Justus and Monty…

First I played Playmobil and then Lego which Monty 

preferred. Like I do.

 I had a football tournament at Auzeville.
This is my team. Usually we play in red, but this time we had to wear green.
 We didn’t win, but came fourth.
 After football we went to the German flee-market  in Cornebarrieu, where my Mum, Pauline and Marie tried to sell our stuff. I put Monty on the table, but made him so expensive, that nobody would have bought him…and if yes the 1.054.215 Euros would have gone to the school because Monty belongs to the school…or Ms. Ash? I don’t know.
At bedtime Monty snuggled with my Teddies. I have twin Teddies, there is twice as much love in them.
Monty listened while I was reading to my Dad.

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  1. Justus did Monty have a foot ball shirt or shorts?
    by Ambalatharasu