Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monty visits Hastings with Tino

I was very happy to have Monty visit us this weekend because we were going to my uncle’s wedding in Hastings, England.
We got to the airport.  We got on the Easy Jet to Gatwick Airport, then we drove to the hotel.  It was very late.  We woke, we got up and had a very big breakfast with toast and coco pops.
We went shopping, we went to the DS shop and Monty lost his hole but luckily we found it at the desk with the lady.
Later, we went to the wedding.  Monty had a very good time.
He had a big dinner and even some wine. 
Then he went outside to see the sea.  He got scared by the loud, big, blue waves.  He was cold.  He went inside.  It was very loud, we found some little glass diamonds.  We took them to play with and he was very tired.
We said goodbye and went back to the hotel, it was very late.  Then we brushed our teeth and went to bed.

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