Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lukman and Monty

Yabedabeduuuuu...Last Friday Monty came back with me to spend the weekend with my family. On the way back Monty asks me.... “Errr  Lukman...can I trouble you something”  
“Yes Monty...tell me what do you want my dear?” I said with smiled. 
“I want to eat fruit Lukman...can you buy me some fruits?” Monty said with soft voice.

“Ne pas problem Monty... let’s go to the Carrefour” Dad.. Could you please take us to the Carrefour? Monty wants to buy some fruits.  
At the Carrefour I ask Monty to have a look on the fruit selection and Monty said he can’t see clearly because it’s too far....

So I brought him nearer to the fruit selection and now Monty can see very clear and he decided to take orange.

Monty grabs one orange to take home with him...


  1. Hello Lukman,

    Next time you better buy spectacles to Monty because he can't see at that distance...hahaha..Just joking. Anyway well done Lukman for taking good care of Monty.

  2. Monty loves oranges and I do too! I think he also enjoyed putting the fruit on the scales and pushing the button so the sticker came out, don't you? (Mrs Patrick)

  3. Hello Lukman,
    I think your adventure sounds fun!

    From Mimi at IST